Charpy Testing Analysis

Charpy Impact Testing is conducted at ATRONA on a daily basis per astm a370/e23. We employ sate of the art sample preparation and testing methods and equipment. Part size does not matter. Hardness of the part does not matter either. Our capabilities include 16 cutting machines ranging in size from high speed diamond saws to a very large double column band saw that can cut 40" by 40" part. All saws are cpapable of cutting hard materials with carbide blades. We can also heat or cool the charpy samples prior to testing or test at room temperature. See our competetive prices and fast turn around times.

Charpy Testing

It is about toughness of the material. That is how materials are typically rated or specified. from charpy testing you can obtain ductile to brittle transition temperature DBTT and learn more about the material you plan to use or currently using. We can perform both v-notch or u-notch testing.

DTBT        Charpy

CHARPY TESTING: Measures the amount of energy obsorbed during fracture of a specimen in a standard test. Testing includes sample preparation of 3 specimens per test. Usually applies to steels which exhibit temperature dependent behavior relating to toughness of the material at high strain. Touchness is typically related to direction of the rolling or grain flow of a faorging. Materials are usually tougher along the direction of rolling and not as tough across the direction of rolling. This type of testing is typically required by welding codes in Pressure Vessels, valves and fittings used in the gas and oil industry, related piping, Pipelines, and outdoor structures.

MATERIAL NEEDED: Specimens needed for Charpy Impact Testing are normally cut from the actual part or weldments using an abrasive cut off saw or a band saw with low heat input. Base metal specimen is 55 mm (about 2.25" inches) in length, 10 mm thich and 10 mm wide. Centerline of the Charpy specimen is notched according to standard with a special broach to create the required V-Notch with the appropriate dimensions and surface finish. Subsize specimens can be made with 7.5 mm x 10 mm or 5 mm x 10 mm or 2.5 mm x 10 mm. Threaded fasteners and pipe have special considerations.

Charpy Impact Test


Testing conducted at ATRONA per standards at room temperature, hot, or cold temperatures. We can also develop Ductile To Brittle Transition Temperature graph.

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