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Equipped to investigate and examine all types of materials and geometrical shapes for hardness testing. ATRONA has over 11 different machines and instruments to handle various methods and standards. When it comes to hardness testing our capabilities are unequaled. Let us show you what we mean. Stop by and see us or give us your most difficult project.

Equipment, Instruments, and Methods:

Direct Rockwell Superficial Rockwell Brinell Hardness
Vickers Microhardness Knoop Microhardness Portable Hardness
File Hardness Macro Vickers Hardness
Microhardness to 3,000 grams

Direct Hardness: ATRONA is well equipped for all Rockwell Scales. We have five hardness testers capable of measuring various scales with all sorts of anvils and fixturing capabilities. Photo above shows one of our testers capable of clamping down on a long heavy shaft as not to allow movement so hardness testing can be performed with accuracy. Side photo shows us testing a sphere sample without having to cut it in the inside diameter. This is because we have these capable designs and proven technology to handle complex components and challenging procedure. Besides the most popular direct and superficial Rockwell scales (A, B, C, T, N), some of the Rockwell scales we have calibrated our machines to and conduct regularly include R, L, M and K scales.

MICROHARDNESS TESTING: We have cutting edge technology for microhardness testing. May be the leading independent lab in the Midwest with two systems fully automatic and fully capable of performing all sorts of routines and mapping procedures. With the capability to perform simultaneous testing on up to 8 samples at the same time. With fully automatic systems, our state of the art technology is simply unmatched. We utilize our systems to determine effective case depth on case hardened components, heat affected zone hardness on welded components, hard and soft spots on difficult to machine components, and various other procedures. Our microhardness testers are also capable of capturing clear color photomicrograph images at a relatively fast rate and stitching those captured images to show a full seamless view of the entire specimen. Microhardness can then start with a joy stick control and a click of a mouse. Look to the right for one of our systems.

With accuracy, state of the art technology, ability to perform multiple samples and handle multiple projects at once ATRONA is well positioned to deliver high quality reports with speed. This makes us more responsive and more affordable. Inquire about our heat treat testing program.

Hardness / Microhardness:

ATRONA is fully equipped to handles various methods and scales including all Rockwell Scales, Durometers, Microhardness, Brinell, and Portable Hardness testing.

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