Met Lab Testing


ATRONA has four fully equipped Metallographs with full image analysis capabilities utilized for microstructure examination. We implemented state of the art microstructure software for grain size measurements, nodularity, phase percent, particle size, dimensional measurements, coating thickness, retained austenite rating, and raw material cleanliness (inclusion ratings).

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Equipped to investigate and examine all types of materials and geometrical shapes for hardness testing. ATRONA has over 11 different machines and instruments to handle various methods and standards. When it comes to hardness testing our capabilities are unequaled. Let us show you what we mean. Stop by and see us or give us your most difficult project.

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With a brand new ICP/OES machine, two (2) state of the art spectrometers, Leco carbon and sulfur analyzer, energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer, various sample prep methods and a remelt furnace with argon gas we are well equipped to handle most materials. Regardless of sample size we can help our customers determine the type of metal and its chemical composition. We maintain a library of standards in our chemical laboratory traceable to NIST and capable of verifying the technique and instrument. We offer fast and affordable service. Let ATRONA help you with your chemical analysis needs. We also perform chemical analysis on non metals such as polymers (plastics).

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Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS) with full digital imaging is an essential tool in failure analysis and identification of failure mode. ATRONA has over 30 years of SEM experience. Utilizing the SEM we can determine fracture topography and features for root cause investigation. In failure analysis this is an essential tool and one that we know how to use well. Scanning electron microscopy with EDS is also used for determining the chemical composition of constituents in the microstructure, determining plating types, finding and chemically analysing contamination, etc.

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ATRONA has assisted more than 50 commercial and captive heat treat companies and departments with heat treating technology, processes, heat treating recipes, and best practices to reduce volumetric change and distortion. We have even assisted heat treat companies with full compliance to ISO registration. Besides heat treat assistance we have also assisted heat treaters with setting up their own metallurgical labs and helped with establishing processes and procedures for those labs including training the staff to handle daily routine testing. If you are a commercial heat treater or a captive department within a manufacturing company call us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals, cut waste, and improve quality.

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Weld Analysis is conducted at ATRONA using State-of-the-art technology, instruments, and staff. You will like our reporting format and quality of our photos and presentation style. ATRONA utilizes Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Destructive Metallurgical Testing, and other analysis include mechanical testing. We can assess your weld through mechanical testing by tension, compression, bending, or torsion. We can also perform toughness analysis using Charpy impact v-notch testing to determine the toughness of the weld. Dynamic testing can also be conducted using cyclic load cell or with air cylinders and visual basic programming software.

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