Met Lab Microscopy

ATRONA has four fully equipped Metallographs with full image analysis capabilities utilized for microstructure examination. We implemented state of the art microstructure software for grain size measurements, nodularity, phase percent, particle size, dimensional measurements, coating thickness, retained austenite rating, and raw material cleanliness (inclusion ratings).

microstructure evaluation samples

FOR STEEL MILLS: with our brand new automatic stage microscopy and image analysis we are capable of performing microstructure analysis on multiple samples at the same time. in fact we can test eight (8) specimens at once improving accuracy, speed and cost. if you are looking for inclusions rating, grain size, banding classification, or simple phase analysis we can help. call us to inquire about these services.

Microstructure Evaluation: Most metals at different stages of their processing life and heat treat conditions exhibit a specific microstructure that can be evaluated to see if the material was heat treated as required, or to investigate if  the raw material was processed and produced per specification, or to simply find out why a material is not responding to specific application or machining operation. Microstructure can also be used as a special tool to predict tool life or to predict performance of a specific part. It can also be used as an inspection tool to examine the quality of a heat treater or a raw material supplier.

Grain Size Measurement: This can be part of the microstructure examination or can be conducted by itself as an inspection tool after a forging operation, a heat treat operation, a rolling operation, etc. Typically the finer the grain size the better the material condition. Most alloy steels require ASTM 5 or finer grain size and some tool steels require 10 or finer grain size.

Other microstructure examinations include: Retained Austenite Rating, Cast Iron Graphite Analysis, Nodularity Content, Spheroidization Analysis, Rolling Direction, Carbides analysis and distribution, ETA Phase Analysis, Surface condition and grinding affect, Coating Thickness Measurements, Microporosity, Analysis, Percent phase (pearlite, ferrite, bainite, martensite, etc.), Cementite, Steadite, Carbides in any material, Tempered or untempered Martensite, Non Ferrous Materials microstructure examination.  We also perform microstructure analysis on stainless steels of all grades including corrosion resistant steels, heat resistant steels, magnetic and non magnetic and high strength stainless steels.

Other microstructure analyses include:

Rating of phases, Nodularity, Graphite rating, type of microstructure and identification of phases, Heat treat analysis, etc. Typical microstructure analysis includes photomicrographs.

Microstructure Sample

Microstructure Sample 2

Photomicrographs taken at ATRONA of various microstructures of ferrous and non ferrous metals.

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