Polymer Testing Lab - Analysis


ATRONA performs many different types of chemical and thermal analysis on polymers for sample identification. We have a full polymer laboratory that includes the necessary equipment and instruments to idetify a polymer/plastic sample. Our experienced chemists and polymer scientists are here to help our customers with testing and consulting on their plastics and polymer samples. Our library of materials has thousands of stored spectra for specific materials to help in the search when identifying the types of material that we are testing. Our laboratory also has back up instruments in the event one of our instrument is busy or in need of maintenance. You will like our reports and friendly customer service but most importantly you will like the way we explain things and the prices we charge. ATRONA has recently expanded its polymer testing capabilities wth new  latest ta instruments for tga and dsc.

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Besides sample identification ATRONA performs many different types of analyses and tests to determine specific properties of the plastic / polymer sample. We partner with our customers to determine exactly what they are looking for in plain simple language. Even if our customer does not know exactly what they need done we will simply guide them on the phone or through e-mail and discuss the objectives of the project. In many cases we will understand what the true objectives are from a short discussion and recommend to the customer the minimum testing required to help answer the questions and resolved the issues. With so many instruments, techniques, standards, and procedures chances are we have what you are looking for.

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This is our specilty and the reson we have so many instruments and test methods. Our passion is to solve problems and help idetify ROOT CAUSE of a failure. ATRONA Has completed many failure analysis assignments and investigations on plastic components failures ranging from a simple wear failure to full catestrophic fracture. With state of the art lab and instruments and with the way we present data and formal comprehensive reports you will like our approach and reporting style. We are also very competitive on cost and very responsive to our customers needs and expectations.

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ATRONA is a leading lab in the science of deformulation for reverse engineering activities. We can reverse engineer full products or materials. If you simply need material analyses to determine what to put on the engineering print or if you need a full engineering print from a part or assembly of parts we can help. Our experienced chemists have performed this type of analysis on many different products and have the skills and laboratory instruments and tools to accomplish this.

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ATRONA performs many different types of mechanical and physical testing on various plastics and polymers. Our polymer test lab is well equipped to handle all your testing needs. Give us a call or send us an e-mail. if you simply need a test performed or if you are looking to partner with a professional staff to help you solve a problem, investigate an issue, help develop a product or a monitor a supplier. It is part of the capabilities that we have which allow us to perform full reverse engineering, failure analysis, or to determine the properties of the submitted sample for compliance with expected results or engineering print specifications.

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With our vast experience and state of the art laboratory and instruments and the information available to us ATRONA is here to help answer questions and investigate issues and develop solutions. We can consult with you on your polymer and plastic products and material requirements. We also help our customers after the testing is done with explaining the report and answering questions. We can also consult with our customers on developing custom testing to fit their needs and simulate the application and environment the product will be exposed to. Comparing prodcuts and knowing what your competitor is using can also give you an advantage and keep you informed on what the industry is using. Having been exposed to many different materials we can consult with our customers on what works and research materials that can be used to improve wear, strength, toughness, etc.

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