ISO/IEC Accredited
ISO/IEC Accredited

ATRONA Test Labs is fully accredited for calibration to ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 and also accredited to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994.

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Calibration Services


MicrometerWhile checking zero is an important step that should be done daily by the operator, a full calibration is much more than that. Your hand tools will be cleaned, checked for correct operation on every feature, and calibrated throughout the entire operating range. ATRONA calibrates all types of hand tools - from calipers and various dial gages to micrometers and tape measures.

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Whether internal or external, plain or threaded, or a general inspection gage, we are able to provide a complete inspection report for your fixed attribute gages. Plugs and rings will be sealed with a protective wax coating to both preserve your gage and to indicate if the gage has been used, reducing your calibration costs. ATRONA calibrates a full range of hard gages, including: 1-2-3 Blocks, Caliper Checkers, Feeler Gages, Kalmasters, Length Standards, Micrometer Masters, Parallels, Pin Gage Sets, Plug and Ring Gages, Steel Rules and Straight Edges, Thickness Gages, V Blocks, and more.

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ATRONA specializes in calibration and repair of hardness testers. Besides our experienced calibration service technician we have a metallurgist on staff and facilities to repair and service hardness testers. To complete the package, we also sell hardness test blocks, indenters, and new and used hardness testers, as well as work with our customers if they are in need of renting a hardness tester for a short period of time.

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Dimensional MeasurementBesides our CMM capabilities to perform dimensional measurements we also have many different instruments to aid us with measuring all sorts of parts. To name a few we have a digital high resolution shadowgraph, profilometers, gages, universal measuring machine capable of measuring to the millionth of an inch, torque and pressure measuring capabilities. We can help you verify dimensions of a part to the engineering drawing or help you complete a PPAP verification project. We can also perform same type of testing on multiple parts; as well as reverse engineer components or assemblies, regardless of complexity or material type.

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ATRONA is equipped and capable of calibrating many different instruments and gages including: Optical Comparators, Granite Plates, Torque and Pressure, Profilometers, and more. With our state of the art universal measuring machine that can accurately inspect to a millionth of an inch we can also custom calibrate and inspect various gages and instruments.

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ATRONA also offers calibration of your instruments and gages on-site. Some instruments do not require clean room temperature controlled laboratory for calibration. Those instruments can be calibrated by our qualified technicians at you place of work. We will bring the required calibration instruments and tools to your place of work. With software and certificate generator we will calibrate, place a sticker on your equipment, and generate a certificate. Equipment is typically cleaned and maintained while being calibrated.

We can also assist you in setting up a calibration lab or calibration system at your facility. We offer an array of turnkey solutions or can tailor one to suit your organization's unique requirements, including management services to assure your lab operates at peak efficiency and in compliance of all required calibration standards. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs further and demonstrate why our unmatched calibration expertise makes ATRONA the right partner for you.

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