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Sample Preparation for Mechanical TestingTensile Testing is a daily routine test at ATRONA. We perform tensile testing for various industries on a large variety of components and raw material. Shape and size hardly matters with our vast capabilities. From small high speed diamond saws to a large 32" by 32" double column band saw with carbide blades. we can pretty much cut any size or shape. we have two full machine shops equipped to prepare tensile and charpy samples and turn projects around fast. If you are a steel mill looking for a lab that can handle multiple daily tests or a heat treater looking to certify heat treat lots we can help you meet your deadlines and goals fast and at affordable prices. Give us a call or visit us to see what we can do to help.

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You spend so much time and effort with product design and development. Then you test it and it fails through the bolts and fasteners that you used. Why are there so many different types and grades of fasteners, bolts, washers, nuts? Which one would work best with your design? Questions that we can help answer. We have vast experience with fastener grades and specifications and have been conducting fastener testing and consulting for over a decade at ATRONA. Our experience in this field expands to a combined 40 years or more. Let us help you with your fastener testing and consulting needs.

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We offer a wide range of mechanical testing for the automotive industry. From a simple tensile test to full engineering specification testing where multiple endurance type tests are required - we are here to help you with all of your testing requirements. Our experienced staff and state of the art accredited laboratory is ready to help you with your testing needs. What's more, besides standard testing procedures and methods, we specialize in custom testing to fit your needs. Basically you tell us what you want tested and we can design a test method to meet your requirements.

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ATRONA performs life cycle testing on various components and designs. Most of our life cycle testing is custom. Typically the customer tells us what they are looking to do and we listen and ask questions and review prints or product and design a test apparatus to fit the intended application. Some times the customer knows exactly what they want and in many cases we take over the test protocol, design, trials, and set up. The customer then approves the test apparatus or suggests modifications and we proceed with testing.

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Charpy Impact Testing is conducted at ATRONA on a daily basis per astm a370/e23. We employ sate of the art sample preparation and testing methods and equipment. Part size does not matter. Hardness of the part does not matter either. Our capabilities include 16 cutting machines ranging in size from high speed diamond saws to a very large double column band saw that can cut 40" by 40" part. All saws are cpapable of cutting hard materials with carbide blades. We can also heat or cool the charpy samples prior to testing or test at room temperature. See our competetive prices and fast turn around times.

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ATRONA provides various types of environmental testing services. Some of these services include Salt Spray / Salt Fog Testing per ASTM B117, Humidity testing, High and low temperature testing, chemical exposure testing, and other environmental custom type testing. With our instruments and talented staff we can help you with your testing needs.

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