Magnetic particle inspection to reveal surface cracks and indications, ultrasonic testing to reveal weld defects below the surface, visual and streoscopic analysis with high resolution photography to reveal surface discontinuities and surface irregularities, and liquid dye penetrant analysis to reveal surface indications.

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Eight Sample Microhardness TestingDestructive Metallurgical Testing: With our state of the art equipment and capabilities we can perfrom a thorough weld analysis investigation for you to make sure the weld is adequate and per specification or per standard quality procedures. State of the art means latest microscopy image analysis and latest microhardness mapping with stitching capabilities. We are able to section through the weld, extract a representative specimen, mount and polish it to a mirror finish using autmoatic mounting press and automatic polishers, and examine the weld cross section in our microscopy lab. Our microhardness tester systems ( two complete systems) use the latest technology with automatic stage and mapping capabilities. One of our microhardness testers can analyze eight (8) samples at the same time. Also one of of our five microscopes can analyze eight specimens at the same time using automatic stage and image analysis software. We can create a mosaic full view of the entire weld using state of the art microscopy imaging.

Other analysis include mechanical testing. We can assess your weld through mechanical testing by tension, compression, bending, or torsion. We can also perform toughness analysis using Charpy impact v-notch testing to determine the toughness of the weld. Dynamic testing can also be conducted using cyclic load cell or with air cylinders and visual basic programming software.

Compare different samples. You may wish to compare two or more suppliers, two or more processes, two or more operators, two or more welding methods, or simply want to verify a new design or procedure with an old design or procedure and contrast the results. Whatever the reason is let us help you with the objectives or discuss our capabilities with you.

Weld Inspection:

Weld Analysis is conducted at ATRONA using State-of-the-art technology, instruments, and staff. You will like our reporting format and quality of our photos and presentation style.

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