Polymer Consultation

With our vast experience and state of the art laboratory and instruments and the information available to us ATRONA is here to help answer questions and investigate issues and develop solutions. We can consult with you on your polymer and plastic products and material requirements. We also help our customers after the testing is done with explaining the report and answering questions. We can also consult with our customers on developing custom testing to fit their needs and simulate the application and environment the product will be exposed to. Comparing products and knowing what your competitor is using can also give you an advantage and keep you informed on what the industry is using. Having been exposed to many different materials we can consult with our customers on what works and research materials that can be used to improve wear, strength, toughness, etc.

CONTACT US: Send us an e-mail or give us a call with your questions or describe the situation you have and let us review it and give you some suggestions and feedback on what we can do to help. This is done at no charge and will allow you and us to get to know one another.


Let ATRONA save you time and money with your research and development project. Give us your questions or your objectives. Consider us part of your engineering team. Assign us your goals and deadlines. See what we can do to help and become part of your team.


Atrona - We Deliver Insight