Over the course of several years, our company has come to rely heavily on the services we receive from ATRONA and on the services we have received from Ott Odeh and his staff. They have worked so closely with our company that we consider them a strategic partner. We can always count on ATRONA for honest and unbiased reporting and advice. They don’t always tell us what we WANT to hear, but we count on them to tell us what we NEED to hear. We can always count on ATRONA to look out for our best interests and for ways to help us continuously improve.

ATRONA has demonstrated the same drive for itself. Over the several years that we have worked together, they have increased personnel, lab space, capabilities and sophistication of equipment and procedures. From the customer perspective, we consider ATRONA to be a model service provider in every area of their expertise.

- Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturer

You guys did a fantastic job as always with the reverse engineering project. Thank you for all of the extra help.

- F. Y.

You guys are always there when we need you. We like your reports and professional service. On behalf of the team we thank you and keep up the good work.

- T. L. G.
Reverse Engineering

Many thanks for the rapid reply. Much appreciated. You provided us with such wonderfully fast service. Again, thank you so very much. We will use ATRONA from now on and continue to recommend you to others. Thank You.

- J. P.
Fastener Supplier

Your team went above and beyond the call. I just want you to know that we have never delt with a lab quite like ATRONA with speed and accuracy and the great information and recommendations you gave us. Please thank everyone on our behalf.

- S. J.
Aerospace Mfg

ATRONA Provides us with all types of testing on metals and plastics. In many cases they have exceeded our expectations with speed and quality of services provided. I would recommend them to any and all.

- S. M.
Aerospace Comany

ATRONA's staff is very easy to work with and the quality of work is excellent.

- Tool Manufacturer

Your service was very professional and I would look for sending you future business if and when the time arises.

- Machining Equipment Manufacturer

ATRONA has been a great help with many situations. The response and timeliness of the reports has been excellent.

- Gear Manufacturer

I know we are not the biggest customer ATRONA has but I fell like you treat me that way when I visit or have an issue. Thanks!

- Automotive Supplier

I believe the quality of workmanship you provide us is second to none.

- B. H., Fastener Industry

You provide a very important service to us as we take on opportunities the customers throw our way. It is a joy working with ATRONA.

- D. C., Fastener Industry

I have always had outstanding service from ATRONA! I appreciate all of your help and always recommend your services to others. It is always a pleasure to work with you. Thank you!

- M. N., HVAC Supplies

I always value and trust the services that you provided us.

- A. B., Aerospace Manufacturer

We appreciate all you do for us. When we have hot jobs, you always perform quick as possible turnarounds.

- J. T., Heat Treater

Great Service.

- T. G., Forging Company

The help and information I initially received from Ott Odeh was great, the level of detail and amount of perceived experience is the reason I decided to go with ATRONA. The technical advice, insight, and service provided by Bruce Meade is the reason I will continue to return to ATRONA for all my metallurgical needs.

- A. B., Aviation Products, Kansas

You guys have been great. Always responsive, quick turn-around time, professional results, and in-depth knowledge.

- Bruce, Aerospace/Industrial Electronics Manufacturer, Illinois

Services provided were professional and very reasonable priced for the content. Material tests were well done and presented in a timely manner.

- T. K. Krause, Heavy Equipment Manufacturer, Wisconsin

ATRONA continues to meet and exceed our expectations with outstanding service, reporting, professionalism, accuracy, and overall performance. The entire staff works well together and with their customers. Thanks to all of you for a good year and we anticipate a strong future relationship.

- B. D., Electronics Component Manufacturer, Illinois

ATRONA is very responsive and very professional. Their metallurgical staff always explains things to me in an easy to understand and effective way. They are well respected around here and we rely on them to even talk to our suppliers as our metallurgists.

- R. D., Off Highway Manufacturer, Michigan

We have used ATRONA labs for three years now. ATRONA has provided us with very sensitive analysis of automotive safety systems parts with discrete and timely response. We have made decisions for process changes, warranty, quality and business related items on their analysis.rnrnThe automotive business is always behind schedule and over budget and ATRONA has always accommodated us by providing very quick turnarounds, cost effective analysis and excellent consultation. I really appreciate the way your company has accommodated our facility by always making time to communicate with us to develop analysis strategies and tailor reports for our needs.rnrnAtrona has consistently demonstrated a true customer satisfaction policy, technical proficiency and outstanding lab capabilities. I have been very impressed by the organization and cleanliness of the facility, the clean areas as well as the fabricating and mechanical testing areas.

- K. D., Automotive Manufacturer, Texas

ATRONA Material Testing Laboratories, Inc has provided us superior material analysis, Metallurgical testing, and failure analysis since its inception in 1999.

- W.A.C., Chief Engineer, Off Highway Supplier.

Thanks, Ott. As always, we really appreciate you and your company's exceptional support of our projects.

- J. Smith, Owner, Off Highway and Heavy Equipment

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