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This is our specilty and the reson we have so many instruments and test methods. Our passion is to solve problems and help idetify ROOT CAUSE of a failure. ATRONA Has completed many failure analysis assignments and investigations on plastic components failures ranging from a simple wear failure to full catestrophic fracture. With state of the art lab and instruments and with the way we present data and formal comprehensive reports you will like our approach and reporting style. We are also very competitive on cost and very responsive to our customers needs and expectations.

CAPABILITIES AND TECHNIQUES: Polymer analysis employs both physical and analytical methods to verify the chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties of a polymeric material. As part of the failure investigation ATRONA would perform various tests to examine compliance of failed material to engineering requirements and design specifications.

Failure Analysis using SEM - EDSMETHODS: ATRONA employs various test methods and investigative skills to determine the root cause of a polymeric material failure. This includes consultation with the customer, review of historical information and field reports, visual analysis, stereoscopic examination, preparation of the fracture or failed region, scanning electron microscopy analysis, physical, analytical and thermal tests, hardness, and mechanical testing. Some failures require more testing than others. Our variable pressure scanning electron microscope allows us to investigate and examine all materials conductive and non conductive which is a great tool for fracture analysis and a crucial one in determining initiation of a fracture and failure mode.

Let ATRONA assist you with your failure analysis needs and see the difference in what we do to arrive to the root cause, our presentation and report style, our turn around times and our affordable prices.

Failure Analysis


  • Polymers
  • Plastics
  • Elastomers
  • Rubbers
  • Composite Materials

With various in house capabilities and a full polymer test lab ATRONA is well equipped to handle root cause investigations and many types of failure analyses. We perform failure analysis on plastics, rubbers, elastomers, and all types of non metals.

Let ATRONA Quote your failure analysis. You will see the difference. When we deliver the report you will know the difference.

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