Polymer Deformulation Lab

ATRONA is a leading lab in the science of deformulation for reverse engineering activities. We can reverse engineer full products or materials. If you simply need material analyses to determine what to put on the engineering print or if you need a full engineering print from a part or assembly of parts we can help. Our experienced chemists have performed this type of analysis on many different products and have the skills and laboratory instruments and tools to accomplish this. 

ANALYSIS: Accomplished by the use of laboratory test methods and techniques and standard testing procedures. This is used to quantify and identify complex mixtures as the single component may include polymers, plasticizers, fillers, lubricants, stabilizers, flame retardants, antioxidants, and other mixtures. We also have available to us our computer software library search of materials that are commercially named and available.

EXAMPLES: Some of the materials we have helped our customers reverse engineer or deformulate include: PVC, Nylon, PP, PE, Co-polymer Blends, Rubber materials, Textiles, Composites, Home products, Adhesives, Teflon materials, etc. We have performed testing for various industries including: Consumer products, aerospace, food and medical, automotive, off highway, and other.

Send us a request for quote and describe what you are looking to do. We can give you a proposal and consult with you to come up with a test procedure that fits your needs for information you are in need of at an affordable budget.


Also referred to as reverse engineering. We can simply tell you what the material is including chemical, thermal, analytical, physical, and mechanical properties or give you a complete engineering print with full dimensional layout.

Reverse Engineering

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