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ATRONA Test labs is also an accredited full service calibration laboratory. We provide a full ranges of calibration services to our customers in our environmentally-controlled, multi-laboratory facility or at our customer's site. We calibrate, repair and sell instruments and gauges; and can also assist you in setting up a calibration lab or calibration system at your facility.

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Besides our CMM capabilities to perform dimensional measurements we also have many different instruments to aid us with measuring all sorts of parts. To name a few we have a digital high resolution shadowgraph, profilometers, gages, universal measuring machine capable of measuring to the millionth of an inch, torque and pressure measuring capabilities.

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ATRONA performs reverse engineering at its laboratory facilities on a routine basis. We have helped customers with various types of projects on components from the aerospace industry, off highway industry, automotive industry, heavy machinery industry, food industry, and military. We have performed reverse engineering on simple and complex components. In some cases reverse engineering projects constitute an entire assembly with multiple components including non metal components. ATRONA helps its customers also with with metallurgical and materials reverse engineering projects. Some customers do all dimensional analysis and we do the material investigation, coating analysis, and how the material was heat treated including physical and mechanical properties.

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ATRONA has performed hundreds of custom testing assignments. We are so good at this that our accreditation body approved us for adding these types of tests to our scope of accreditation. Our customers will normally tell us what they are looking to do and we will design and build fixtures and test apparatus, get it approved by the customer, fabricate and build the set up, go through a trial run, have the customer witness the set up and hen test and monitor. Examples of custom testing include automotive parts, kitchen instruments, hand tools, knives, valves, consumer products, etc. We have performed custom testing for the racing industry, automotive industry, medical industry, food industry, knife industry, and off highway industry.

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We assist our customers with Finite Element Analysis of specific components and assemblies. Send us your files and loading conditions and let us review and provide you with a quotation. All our reports are presented in power point format in an easy to understand and follow style. We also provide at your facility or at our facility consultation to answer questions and to present our findings as required.

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ATRONA has assisted customers with Jominy end quench testing. known as hardenability jominy end quench testing typically performed per astm a255. Jominy end quench is normally performed to determine the hardenability of a given steel. Steel mills use this test to certify a material's ability to properly harden when heat treated per a given chemical composition and structure. We work with steel mills to certify steels and alloys. Inquire about our testing programs and favorable turnaround times.

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