Expert Witness and Litigation Support

ATRONA has extensive experience in metallurgical failure analysis. We have completed well over 1,500 failure analysis assignments in the last decade alone. We are capable of evaluating conditions and situations to investigate failures, determine root cause, and provide expert opinion. We provide full investigative analysis and supportive evidence in the area of product liability claims, disputes, arbitration and litigation. We also provide full support and failure analysis to determine failure mode and root cause. Our experienced metallurgists can perform initial investigation analysis or assessment and provide the information through consulting services to determine liability issues. We can then go to the next phase and provide full supportive evidence through formal and comprehensive analysis report for the claim at hand.

EXPERT WITNESS TESTIMONY: ATRONA's experts are engaged in providing their customers with expert advice and witness testimony through depositions in both state and federal courts. We have worked with attorneys on multiple levels and occasions and understand the process. We will provide assistance as needed and give advice and review documents when required.

LAB SUPPORT: With our state of the art failure analysis and root cause investigation laboratories we can perform all product liability and failure analysis right in house. We have conducted analyses where other parties involved witnessed the testing and watched us every step of the way with record. We are confident and understand what is needed in those situations well.


Full litigation support and advice to our clients where experienced metallurgists are needed.

Lab Test