Life Cycle Testing

ATRONA performs life cycle testing on various components and designs. Most of our life cycle testing is custom. Typically the customer tells us what they are looking to do and we listen and ask questions and review prints or product and design a test apparatus to fit the intended application. Some times the customer knows exactly what they want and in many cases we take over the test protocol, design, trials, and set up. The customer then approves the test apparatus or suggests modifications and we proceed with testing.

TEST METHODS: We are accredited to conduct custom type testing per ISO/IEC 17025. We have various test fixtures and testers. One of our life cycle testers is capable of multiple cylinders (16 total) giving us the flexibility to apply load in multiple directions and intensities. Also with our talented experienced technicians and in house machine shop we can fabricate and build/weld what we need to get the job done. We even have our own heat treat furnace and quench set up to harden our own fixtures. We use visual basic programming, MTS software, and Admit controls. Bring us your component or product and let us perform durability testing for you or compare your product to your competitors.

EXAMPLES: Some of the life cycle testing that we have conducted in the lab with our design includes life cycle testing on blades, knives, cylinders, valves, ball screws, consumer product, and industrial product. In some cases we have even designed and built test machines or test set ups for customers where these fixtures and machines were then transferred to the customer's site to use at their facilities with our training.

In other cases after performing the life cycle testing comparing two products we were asked to perform full metallurgical and materials investigation to find out why the product or component did not perform as well as the other being compared to. With our full metallurgical lab, polymer lab, dimensional inspection labs and other equipment and techniques available to us we were able to perform the analysis and provide the needed information which helped improve the design and materials of the lacking product.


Conducted at ATRONA for life prediction and performance in order to improve product or certify it to fit a specific application. Tell us what you are looking to life cycle test and let us design a test apparatus to fit the intended application. We perform all testing in house supported by multiple testers, talented staff, multiple modern labs and full machine shop.

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