Field Examination

ATRONA conducts field examination and testing on a routine basis. If you have a concern with a part or a system or a failure that is too large to send to a lab or if you are in need of non destructive examination right on-site call us and we will be happy to discuss your needs. We have conducted these types of analyses at our customers facilities for various industries including off highway, Wind Industry, heavy machinery, food factories, aerospace, tool makers, and others.

FOR EXAMPLE: We can travel to your facility regardless of location and speak with you about the situation you are having. Depending on the issues we can come to your facility prepared with non destructive testing equipment including: Photography, measuring instruments, polishing instruments, etching chemicals, hardness testers, portable microscope, ultrasonic tester, liquid dye, portable magnaflux, and other instruments and methods.

CONSULTATION: Conducted right at your facility with solutions and recommendations. We can also speak with your staff or help represent you as your metallurgists with your customers or suppliers.


Let ATRONA help you examine a failure right at your sight or provide an opinion on what happened based on field review and possibly even some NDT examination.

Field Test

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