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We specialize in comprehensive root cause investigations and formal failure analysis. It is our passion and what we are set up to do. We utilize the latest, state of the art technology for scanning electron microscopy and image analysis with various microscopes, hardness testers, spectrometers, microhardness, sample prep equipment and mechanical testing. Our fully-equipped labs offer metallurgical, chemical, polymer, mechanical, microscopy, dimensional, and non-destructive (NDT) examination. It is all here under one roof to aid us in failure analysis and root cause investigation. We outsource nothing to other labs. We firmly believe that in order to solve a problem one should be in control of all aspects of the investigation and have access to all the tools needed.

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Failure mode is conducted at ATRONA to aid in determining the root cause of failures. Photomicrographs are taken at ATRONA at various magnifications using our scanning electron microscopes showing four different types of failure modes. Generally, failure modes are either ductile or brittle. Ductile failures are typically accompanied by significant plastic deformation. Brittle failures are normally accompanied by no elongation or plastic deformation. They produce catastrophic failures with little to no strain. Ductile fractures are more desirable than brittle fractures because generally ductile fractures give warnings prior to a catastrophic event.

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ATRONA has extensive experience in metallurgical failure analysis. We have completed well over 2,000 failure analysis assignments in the last decade alone. We are capable of evaluating conditions and situations to investigate failures, determine root cause, and provide expert opinion. We provide full investigative analysis and supportive evidence in the area of product liability claims, disputes, arbitration and litigation. We also provide full support and failure analysis to determine failure mode and root cause. Our experienced metallurgists can perform initial investigation analysis or assessment and provide the information through consulting services to determine liability issues. We can then go to the next phase and provide full supportive evidence through formal and comprehensive analysis report for the claim at hand.

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ATRONA has performed various Metallurgical and Polymer failure analysis and metallurgical analysis projects. We can provide you with specific examples of our work if you would like to see our report style and experience in root cause investigative analysis.

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Are you Looking to identify a specific contaminant or find out if there is contamination on a specific part or assembly? Or you may be even looking to determine the root cause of contamination. ATRONA's special techniques and analysis methods can identify impurities and find the smallest levels of contaminants. Even the tiniest particle or fragment can be detected. We can also determine the size, mass, surface area, and composition of the contamination. Contamination can take place in components or systems causing damage and failures. ATRONA can work with you to isolate the contamination and determine its source. We can then work with you to recommend solutions and fix the problem.

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Illinois Failure Analysis TeamFAILURE ANALYSIS PROCEDURE

ATRONA Test Labs follows rigorous procedure focused on investigating the problems and arriving at logical hypothesis. In pursuit of the truth we typically conduct a test protocol that is designed to address the failure analysis at hand. We typically will document the failure in the as received condition and describe in detail what we start with. In some instances root cause of the failure is located away from the fracture. We look for any sign of wear, contact, abuse, tip loading, misalignment, etc., before we begin the analysis documenting all findings with photography and descriptions. Along the way we may contact our customer to address certain results and to ask questions. Although we do not like releasing preliminary reports that are not verified, we work with our customers to update them with information along the way as their schedule requires. At the conclusion of the analysis we normally follow up to answer any question and to make sure the customer understands the report. Our formal failure analysis reports are easy to follow and contain sections for each property. Compared to other test reports, we're confident you will like our style and flow.

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