Custom Testing

ATRONA has performed hundreds of custom testing assignments. We are so good at this that our accreditation body approved us for adding these types of tests to our scope of accreditation. Our customers will normally tell us what they are looking to do and we will design and build fixtures and test apparatus, get it approved by the customer, fabricate and build the set up, go through a trial run, have the customer witness the set up and hen test and monitor. Examples of custom testing include automotive parts, kitchen instruments, hand tools, knives, valves, consumer products, etc. We have performed custom testing for the racing industry, automotive industry, medical industry, food industry, knife industry, and off highway industry.

PROCEDURE: Tell us what you are looking to test and what the objectives are and let us design a test method to simulate accelerated real life application. After we listen to what you need and understand what you're looking for we will design and fabricate the test apparatus, build it, show you the set up, get it approved or make modifications, and test it. We would then issue a report of the test procedure and test results with conclusions.

INSTRUMENTS: With a full mechanical test lab and two full machine shops (all in house) and other laboratory departments available to us we can do what others can't. Most importantly we have the talented staff that can make this happen.

Effort Testing

Designed and built a test set up to measure how much force (effort) it takes to latch a door lock mechanism.

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