Ott and Robin Odeh
"Ott" and Robin Odeh of ATRONA Test Labs


OUR STORY FROM THE BEGINNING is one that inspires us to do better and keep improving. We simply care about our customer and love what we do and our customers see that. That is why they keep coming back.

ATRONA continues to grow and venture into new areas of testing. Our focus for the last three years has been on failure analysis and root cause investigations. We have assisted more than 1,000 different customers from many different industries with failure analysis. From 2015 to beginning of 2018 we have upgraded many of our instruments and equipment including the purchase or a brand new Keyence microscope, a new salt fog chamber, three new mounting presses, hardness testers, CNC lathe for machining tensile samples, and a new optical emission spectrometer. Our engineers continue to gain valuable experience and enjoy helping our customers. We have also upgraded our software system with the introduction of a new custom built lab software we called ATROWARE.

1997: The name ATRONA was established.

1998: Research was underway to establish the business. Many labs are there to provide numbers and "quick test reports" without real support. The need for metallurgical engineering partnerships was present and in demand. ATRONA's idea was to provide this needed partnership and assist customers with more than just numbers but with actual solutions, material selection, heat treat consulting, failure analysis, manufacturing problem solving, welding quality issues, plating problems, and special projects including helping with engineering requirements and specifications.

1999: The name was registered and the Business was officially opened. The location was on State street in Rockford, Illinois in a suite of about 2,200 square feet as shown below. The year ended successfully with about 25 customers served. 

Atrona on State Street 


2000: Our first staff member was hired. The lab now consisted of 3 members. Our principal metallurgist published “Metallurgy & Heat Treatment, the Pocket Book”. ATRONA grows its customer base and adds additional metallurgical equipment and test capabilities.

2001: Our 2 year lease on State Street ended in August. We purchased a new building on Willow Creek Road in Machesney Park (north of Rockford). We started moving in September. The horrific tragedy of 9/11 hit us all in the middle of our move. The focus was shifted and we all seemed to have stood still for hours and days. Then, we picked up ourselves and went back strong. We added another staff member. The staff now is four and the space is about three times our past size. Our focus was on preparing our own building with a modern environment and research oriented work space. Our sales grew higher than the year before and so our customer base and testing capabilities.

2002: ATRONA occupied 65% of the 10,000 square foot building which was designed to house two separate businesses. ATRONA expanded its metallurgical testing facilities to include chemical analysis optical emission spectroscopy and equipment to examine large components and assemblies. The staff grew to 5 members with over 170 clients served.

2003: ATRONA’s reputation was becoming well established in our industry and among many clients by word of mouth. We distinguished ourselves with being known as responsive, knowledgeable, problem solvers, and competitive. ATRONA gained many new customers and opened a full mechanical testing division under the name ATRONA Engineering Solutions, Inc. The mechanical testing division was housed in the other 35% of the building and focused on automotive testing, tensile testing, and custom life cycle testing. The staff grew to 7 members. Our  quality system was well established and we were successfully accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 for metallurgical, chemical and mechanical testing.

2004: Since we occupied the whole building and were under the same ATRONA name we decided to open up the space and merge the metallurgical and mechanical divisions under the name of ATRONA Material Testing Labs, Inc. At this time we have served over 280 clients and have grown to 10,000 square foot facility that is state of the art and designed specifically for a laboratory. This year marked our increasingly rapid growth and ATRONA’s staff grew to 12 members. We added a scanning electron microscope and an additional chemical analysis unit and upgraded the metallurgical and mechanical labs.

Atrona Willow Creek Facility


2005: The automotive industry took a big hit and testing programs were severely cut. We shifted our focus to our core passion of failure analysis and metallurgical testing. We were able to gain many new clients and finished the year with over 400 clients. We continue to solve problems and determine root cause of failures. We have completed over 500 failure analysis assignments.

2006 to 2008: ATRONA continues to grow and offer new services and improve and expand the existing services. Our staff now totals 11 members with over 600 customers served. We added a new state of the art Scanning Electron Microscope, new Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy system, additional new spectrometer for chemical analysis of all metals, additional metallographs, microscopes, latest technology new automatic microhardness testing system with mapping capabilities, Carbon and Sulfur LECO test machine, Additional tensile tester for polymers, and much more. We also expanded the microscopy lab and established a new chemistry lab. We thank all our customers. They are the reason we have a success story to tell.

2009: ATRONA continues to do well and grow despite the recession and bad economy. ATRONA acquires the Rockford Research Lab of Bodycote Testing Group and expands its capabilities to include polymer testing, x-ray analysis, and many other instruments and test methods to list. Despite the terrible recession ATRONA maintains its staff and adds two more engineers, both with PhD's in metallurgy and chemistry. ATRONA continues to gain about 10 new customers a month.

2010: ATRONA offers engineering services and other consulting and problem solving services. ATRONA calls itself ATRONA Test Labs, Inc to better describe its testing capabilities. We continue to maintain our position, add to our expertise, enhance our technology, improve our facilities and grow.

With our growing customer base and our great customer service and reputation for accurate on time competitive services we established MAZTEK Calibration, Inc. as an independent accredited calibration lab. MAZTEK is housed in a state of the art building, modern facilities, new and modern instruments and equipment with experienced staff offering all types of calibration services at the lab or at the customer's site.

2011: On November 7th ATRONA Test Labs moved to its new home. The place we are at now. With our growth and the need to expand our capabilities we decided to build a larger lab that is state of the art, modern and open. Thanks to all of our great customers who made this success story possible. The new lab is divided into four departments (divisions) consisting of Metallurgical, Polymer, Mechanical, and NDT. Stop by and see our brand new facility at 5271 Zenith Parkway, Loves Park, IL 61111. ATRONA celebrates its 12th year anniversary with about 1,000 customers served.

Atrona Lab Building


2012: Well into our 14th year we have served well over 1,000 customers with all types of facilities for metallurgical testing, mechanical testing, polymer testing, dimensional inspection, non destructive testing, calibration, and much more. Stop and see our 24,000+ s.f. facility on Zenith Parkway in Loves park, Illinois.

2013: ATRONA Celebrates its 14th year Anniversary

14th Anniversary

2014: ATRONA Celebrates its 15 years

15 year anniversary

2013 to 2014: ATRONA expands and adds more staff. Among the new capabilities is wet chemistry ICP and new chemical analysis spectro chemical machine. We also added more cutting capabilities and other instruments around the lab including a newer scanning electron microscope with a brand new silicon drift detector for EDS analysis. ATRONA closes the year in 2014 with its highest year in sales and number of customers served. We also expanded our space to about 25,000 square feet.

2015: ATRONA Celebrates its 16th year anniversary

16th Anniversary

2016: ATRONA Celebrates its 17th year anniversary

17th Anniversary

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